The Millennium collection is a newly created design to compliment contemporary interior fashion. Striking features of this series is the 2-1/2" wide stile and rail door frames with a distinctive bevel edge machined on each door rail (see inset). Smooth lines make this collection a great choice when arranging end-to-end or back-to-back groupings.

Ends are made of 1” thick solid hardwood lumber, available in genuine American red oak, birch, walnut or cherry. Available with glass doors or rifted cut wood door panels each section within a stack can be mixed wood or glass to suit any preference. The same features that have sustained the sectional bookcase for over 100 years is employed here, this concept allows for interlocking section stacking without the use of tools and an equalizer assembly that prevents the receding door from binding. The beauty of the sectional case is they give complete flexibility of arrangement with many different combinations to choose from for meeting your space requirements or adding on, as your collection grows year-to-year.

Please understand that every item is made to order. Allow 2 weeks for our craftsmen to hand build your bookcases.

To be stacked, the series and the depths of each unit ordered must be alike. Please select a size category below.

  • Standard Depth Units
    Standard Depth Units are 11-1/2"D
    Typical Stack: one #951 Crown, two #913 Sections, one #911 Section, one #945 base
  • Deep Units
    Deep Units are 13-1/2"D
    Typical Stack: one #951-12 Crown, two #913-12 Sections, one #911 Section, one #945 base