Do I have to order a crown?

Yes, the crown is necessary to finish your stack of barristers. Without a crown, you will be able to see into the top of your shelf unit. The shelf units don't have their own top panel.

Do I have to order a base?

No, if you prefer to have your shelf units on the floor, you do not need to order a base. 

Are finish samples available?

Yes, just send us an email requesting the finish color numbers you would like to see along with your address.

What is the maximum number of shelves that I can stack?

You shouldn't stack more than 9 shelves high, and we recommend anchoring units over 4 high to the wall.

Are the "Inside Dimensions" listed for the receding door units the dimensions with the door open?

Yes, the "Inside Dimensions" shown are accounting for the door being open/receded into the top of the shelf unit, and with the door being closed in front. 

What is the finish of the bookcase I already have?

Look at the underside of the crown.  There should be an item number and finish written on it. These numbers are also written on the top cross rail of each section. On older units, sometimes it's written on the back panels. 

Can I stack on top of deep sections or lateral file units?

Yes, you can do so with a reducer crown.

How do I care for my Hale Barrister Bookcase?

For details on how to care for your Hale Barrister Bookcase, visit our Wood Care For Barrister Bookcases page.