Building a Better Environment: The Benefits of Working Forests

April 11, 2019

Building a Better Environment: The Benefits of Working Forests

Hale Manufacturing has deep roots in central New York, where Hale library furniture and Barrister Bookcases are made with wood from renewable working forests. We live and work in close proximity to some of the most beautiful and thriving forests in North America. As a business and community surrounded by trees, we truly value the environmental benefits of forests, and we use sustainably-sourced wood to build our products.

“This oak tree and me, we’re made of the same stuff.” — Carl Sagan

Forests are essential for mitigating climate change. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in their wood and produce oxygen. According to Empire State Forest Products Association, New York’s forests cover 64% of the state’s land area. The amount of carbon absorbed by all these trees equates to 40% of carbon emissions from gasoline vehicles in New York. 

Grow, Harvest and Restore

Working forests support a continuous cycle of growing, harvesting and restoring. In fact, harvested wood retains its carbon storage – which means wood products help the environment too. Not only does the Barrister Bookcase store books – it also sequesters carbon (making it the perfect lawyer bookcase). When you choose real wood products from sustainable forests, you help to support carbon capture and to keep the renewable cycle going.

Hale Barrister bookcases are built with sustainably sourced hardwood

We Grow More Hardwood Than We Use

Did you know we grow more wood than we use? In fact, New York's forests are growing over 3.5 times faster than they are being harvested, cleared for development or lost to insects and disease. Over 64 percent of the state is covered by forests, an increase of 24 percent since 1953. Source: Empire State Forest Products Association Forestry Facts

Other Forestry Benefits

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, managed forests help the ecosystem by protecting natural water sources, reducing extreme weather impacts by absorbing rainfall and providing a habitat for wildlife.

A Managed Forest at Work

This video by the Foundation of Sustainable Forests shows the work behind managed forests:

Real Wood Furniture Reduces Solid Waste

Well built, long lasting wood furniture also contributes to a better environment. At a time when so much “throwaway” furniture ends up in landfills, real wood furniture is passed down from generation to generation or resold, reducing solid waste. We take pride in the longevity of Hale Barrister Bookcases. We often hear from people who are using early production Hale bookcases, built years ago.

Thank you for helping us do our part to reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about our commitment to sustainably-sourced hardwood.