Style Inspiration: Barrister Bookcases For Every Room

March 21, 2019

Hale Heritage Barrister Bookcases in white finish provide classic storage in the kitchen

The stately Barrister Bookcase, with its elegant sliding glass door shelves, is the epitome of a traditional law office. The tiered shelves, filled with towers of well-read classics, law journals and literary collections, evoke a reverence to higher learning and studious research.

Many of our shoppers replicate this classic look at home, using Barrister Bookcases to add serious style to a study or library. Other shoppers take a more casual approach, spotlighting the Barrister Bookcase’s versatility and modular design in just about every room in the home.

The Hale Barrister Bookcase’s interchangeable, stacking shelf sections and wide variety of wood finishes make it easy to fit in any room. Check out these Barrister Bookcases at home:

Barrister Bookcases in the Kitchen

Pictured top, Barrister Bookcases come in a variety of wood grains and finishes to match your kitchen cabinetry. These real wood organizers blend in with your kitchen decor. The receding glass door shelves show off cookbooks, family heirlooms, glassware and other decorative kitchen essentials. Combine with wood door shelf sections and gain extra space for pantry items, small appliances and more.

The Hale Barrister Bookcase collection can be configured for use in the dining room.

Barrister Bookcases in the Dining Room

Show off treasured collectibles, serving dishes and glassware. Need a quick clean up before dinner guests arrive? The receding wood door shelf sections are perfect for hiding the paperwork and clutter that often accumulate on the dining room table (at least at our house...)

Hale Barrister Bookcases in four stacks with 2 shelf sections per stack in the living room.

Barrister Bookcases in the Living Room

The beauty of the Barrister's organization is the modular interlocking design. Pictured here, the 2 x 4 configuration provides lots of storage and clean airy space.  To recreate, order eight stacking shelf sections, four bases and four crown tops. 

Arrange stacking interchangeable Barrister Bookcases with receding doors in the family room.

Barrister Bookcases in the Family Room

Create your own flexible entertainment system to fit your style and your stuff. You can re-stack, re-order and re-organize the Barrister Bookcases as your family grows. Built to last, these wood shelves will adjust to ever-changing technology. 

Accessorize Hale Heritage Barrister Bookcases with wine racks and create stacks of storage in a wine cellar

Barrister Bookcases in the Wine Cellar

Transform a section of a finished basement into a wine-lover's paradise. The Extra Deep Heritage Barrister Bookcase Collection features matching wine racks that fit perfectly in the receding glass door sections. Create your own tasting room for your favorite vintages. The shelf sections are available with locks to protect your most treasured bottles. 

More Design Inspiration

Check out the Hale photo gallery for more design inspiration. Share your Hale Barrister Bookcase photos with us and we'll add them to our gallery. We love seeing all the combinations and possibilities!

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