Durability: Compare Hale Hardwood Barrister Bookcases to Particle Board Storage

September 12, 2014

Durability: Compare Hale Hardwood Barrister Bookcases to Particle Board Storage


For most, this is likely to be an all too familiar scene. We may not all be hoarders, but we all need space to put our belongings. Whether it’s books, collectibles, or paraphernalia we simply don’t know what to do with, it all has to go somewhere. While the floor may be the easiest and most spacious place, it can be embarrassing for those moments when we entertain our distinguished guests. Some of us may even relish being organized from time to time.  

So when we see that irresistible sale on a bookshelf at our favorite department store or a five-dollar bargain at a garage sale; how can we pass that up? But how long before it becomes an eyesore? As the cheaply manufactured corkboard crumbles, so does our organization system. Sure, there will always be another temporary solution, but the costs add up over time. Besides, don’t we owe it to ourselves to save time and frustration?

Hale Barrister Bookcase wood shelves hold 150-250 pounds each. That’s twice the weight of a shelf full of encyclopedias, or Lord of the Rings novels. In a stress test with concrete blocks, Hale bookcases held over a thousand pounds of total weight. No bending, breaking, warping or sides bowing; no sign of giving in. The shelves could have taken more weight, but there is only so much concrete that can fit on one shelf.

From an interior design standpoint, it is easy to see the difference between solid wood furniture, particleboard, or plastic shelving. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing the room will be when the shelves are full and intact.