Made In America: Hale Barrister Bookcases

October 24, 2014

Hale Barrister Bookcases made in America


“Made in America”, those words are much too scarce these days. What do those words really mean? Sure we all like the idea of giving jobs to locals but who can afford not to save a buck? What you save on foreign products might have a higher cost, in the end, than you realize.

American made means the product had less distance to travel. The direct benefit to the consumer is less risk of damage to the product and faster shipping times. The benefit we don’t realize is that over seas shipping requires more fuel. With our foreign dependency on fuel, this again hurts the economy, and in the long run, your wallet. Also, it’s better for the environment to cut down on transportation. Who doesn’t want a greener, safer world for themselves, and future generations?

As seen in the photo, Hale bookcases are handmade right here in the states, in upstate New York. This means a higher quality product for you, and a brighter future for our country. Learn more about American made Hale Barrister Bookcases.