107 Years of Hale Manufacturing History

December 08, 2014

Hale Barrister Bookcases since 1907

What makes a company stay strong through 107 years of service, you ask? Hale Manufacturing believes it starts with leadership standing by their product. In this case, believing in the wood used to create quality furniture. Hale has provided generations of exceptional quality furniture to their customers. Located in the Mohawk Valley region of New York, Hale Manufacturing has overcome odds through countless recessions and changing markets.

In 1952, current owner Jim Benson’s grandfather, John Benson, bought the company. “I’ve got to say, I’m proud we work with wood.” says Benson. During World War II Hale Manufacturing was building tool chests then they migrated to building piano parts, followed by library furniture. Now we are bringing our beautiful storage to people’s home. And why not, everything comes full circle…barrister bookcases are so classic! 107 years of history for Hale Manufacturing means just one thing, providing our customers with lasting products and lasting memories.

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