Back From The Dead: Vinyl Record Storage

January 05, 2015

Hale Extra Deep Barrister Bookcases are deep enough to store vinyl records

Vinyl record albums are a great example of something that many people have a collection of. Chances are you have boxes of them, or know someone who does, stored in an attic or basement somewhere. Other than a few favorites, they rarely see the light of day. Maybe you do still listen to them, and have them in piles near the record player. After all, with the increase of digital music sales, CD sales have dropped down to nearly nonexistent. Because of this, records have actually become more popular. Record players have also come back into production. You can even buy a USB record player to plug into  your computer. If you are only going to listen to the album digitally anyway, instead of having a CD to collect, many people are choosing to go with vinyl. Most new albums are being released on vinyl again, with a code to download a digital copy. Let’s be honest, having vinyl is way cooler than CDs. It’s not just for grandparents and hipsters anymore. 

Vinyl no longer in production are worth even more. With the resurrection of vinyl, the value of selling rare items has gone up. Recently, The Beatles, “Something,” demo single sold for $6,197. So if you have old records, you certainly want to keep them stored in a safe place!

The basement or attic might not be the safest place for these possible gold mines. Plus, if you still play them regularly, you want them more accessible. Hale Barrister Bookcases are the perfect storage! Customize your own Hale Bookcase to match the size of your personal vinyl record collection. Put them proudly on display for everyone to see.