Display Your Wine With Class

January 13, 2015

Hale Heritage Barrister Wine Cabinet

Wine storage isn’t much of a concern if you plan to drink your wine within couple months. If you want to invest in a collection, then it’s a different story. Those who already have a wine collection know that storage matters. Not all wines are created to be aged, in fact most wines are best within 1-5 years of its production. Wine’s value decreases and taste worsens after its intended consumption time window.

So many types of wine are not meant to be stored in a cold, damp cellar for countless years. Who wants to hide their expensive collections anyway? Put that collection on display for guests to see, and envy! Also keeping it more accessible will serve as a reminder to use when necessary. 

‘Where am I gonna find room to put a wine collection on display’, you might ask? Do you already have a Hale bookcase? Hale makes a custom wine rack insert just for you! Store your wine collection in style with the solid wood wine rack insert. Those with little ones in the house need not worry, there is an option for a lock to secure your valuable collection! As your collection grows, simply add more modular barrister sections, and wine rack inserts, to your Hale bookcase.

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